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I am a currently practicing, licensed midwife (LM) in Arizona.

Midwifery, the law, and ethics

Last week’s post about the Survey Monkey Protest brought mixed responses from midwives and midwifery consumers, which was not a surprise and why I apologized to the midwives ahead of time for the trouble caused. What did surprise me was … Continue reading

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Hey monkeys – read, share and act now!

Protest this weekend!!! Important, time sensitive, read now. Continue reading

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Protest this weekend!!!

Hello midwives, homebirth supporters, families.  Sorry for my absence over the past few weeks. Please check back Friday for information on a protest happening THIS weekend. After you get the details, spread the word. If you would like details ahead … Continue reading

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Midwives, drop the fear

This post is for the midwives, including me, as a reminder of who we are and where the power lies. Everyone else, make sure your midwife knows that you support her during this time of persecution. Tell her, mean it, … Continue reading

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AzDHS is a bunch of wacky monkeys.

Arizona Department of Health (AzDHS) has long required your licensed midwives (LM) to submit reports to them about each an every pregnancy and birth they provide care for.  These forms have been problematic for many reasons. They have required the … Continue reading

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AzDHS “training” on coercion

So today, AzDHS held a three hour “training”. Here are some of the more confusing or interesting gems AzDHS gave today: Our goal is compliance. Midwives are supposed to let you know in informed consent at start of care that … Continue reading

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Bullet Point List of What You Cannot Refuse, By Request

There has been a request for a simple bullet point list of what your midwife is supposed to make you do under current AZ midwifery rules, so here you go. This list in no way reflects my views as a … Continue reading

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What can I do?

What can I do? I cannot tell you the number of times this question has been posed to me and other midwives by home birth clients. What can I do to help my midwife, the midwives, midwifery and home birth … Continue reading

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The Letter, Part Two – Your midwife has to abandon your care if…

This is part two of a discussion around a letter to Arizona licensed midwives (LMs) from the Arizona Department of Health (AzDHS); you can read part one in the previous post which discusses AzDHS attempts to remove your right to refuse. Today, I want to discuss … Continue reading

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The Letter, Part One – You have no right to refuse the following.

In mid May, all licensed midwives in the state of Arizona received a letter attached to an email from the Arizona Department of Health (AzDHS). This letter was a reminder that we midwives best be certain we are adhering to the … Continue reading

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