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Midwifery, the law, and ethics

Last week’s post about the Survey Monkey Protest brought mixed responses from midwives and midwifery consumers, which was not a surprise and why I apologized to the midwives ahead of time for the trouble caused. What did surprise me was … Continue reading

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Hey monkeys – read, share and act now!

Protest this weekend!!! Important, time sensitive, read now. Continue reading

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AzDHS is a bunch of wacky monkeys.

Arizona Department of Health (AzDHS) has long required your licensed midwives (LM) to submit reports to them about each an every pregnancy and birth they provide care for.  These forms have been problematic for many reasons. They have required the … Continue reading

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The AZ Department of Health and your midwife.

Those of you who are home birth families or active in the birth community may already be catching wind of the recent “crackdown” on Arizona Licensed Midwives (LM) by the Department of Health (AzDHS). This “crackdown” is really more of a … Continue reading

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