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Midwifery, the law, and ethics

Last week’s post about the Survey Monkey Protest brought mixed responses from midwives and midwifery consumers, which was not a surprise and why I apologized to the midwives ahead of time for the trouble caused. What did surprise me was … Continue reading

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Midwives, drop the fear

This post is for the midwives, including me, as a reminder of who we are and where the power lies. Everyone else, make sure your midwife knows that you support her during this time of persecution. Tell her, mean it, … Continue reading

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AzDHS “training” on coercion

So today, AzDHS held a three hour “training”. Here are some of the more confusing or interesting gems AzDHS gave today: Our goal is compliance. Midwives are supposed to let you know in informed consent at start of care that … Continue reading

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